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Tutorial Blogger Template Bugui Magstore

Features that are contained in the template Bugui Magstore :

Post An Article

In making the posting, pay attention to the structure of the code below :
<div class="product_image">
<div class="pancontainer" data-orient="center" data-canzoom="yes" style="width:150px; height:150px;">
<img border="0" class="item_thumb" src="product_image.jpg" /></div>
<span class="item_price">$00.00</span> </div>
<div class="product_describe">
Descriptions... </div>

Description :
Color Red : enter the url of product images,you are in red color code above. Select the image size of the pixel being his, between 200-300 px.
Color Yellow : harga produk
Color Blue : the description of the product

The above code is the code you need to jump-start in making the latest postings, and to facilitate that you do not repeatedly copy paste the code when you create a new article, enter the code in the post template. Sign in tosetting, Select posts and comments >> post template. Click add, and then enter the above code in the blank box like the image below, the last save setting.

Shopping Cart

Features a Shopping Cart from wojodesign.com still uses simplecart. And only support for top currency: dollars, pounds sterling and euros. To change your Paypal account in this demo blog with your Paypal account, find the code below: save settings
<script type='text/javascript'>
simpleCart.email = &quot;buguitemplate@gmail.com&quot;;
simpleCart.checkoutTo = PayPal;
simpleCart.currency = USD;
simpleCart.taxRate  = 0.02;
simpleCart.shippingFlatRate = 3.25;
simpleCart.shippingQuantityRate = 1.00;
simpleCart.cartHeaders = [&quot;thumb_image&quot; , &quot;Quantity_input&quot; ,   &quot;Total&quot;, &quot;remove&quot; ];
Change the color of email Red above with your email (the email is already registered in Paypal).

Supporting Features

The Slider on this template I put work automatically based on the label that you entered in the box HTML/Javascript. Note the picture below:

From the image above see red box column, click Edit on the featured content slider widget, open new window enter the following or type the labels that want to display on the slider, see figure below:

Electronic , .
From the picture above I put a label that will appear on the Electronic slider you can replace the appropriate label desires.

Two navigation on these templates all have to enter manually, unlike the previous one navigation template specifically for static pages, however this template already support with a static page(static pages).

To change the currency symbol from the $ (dollar) to Rp (rupiah) in shopping cart widget:

  1. Search the URL in this script Edit HTML :
    After replace with URL to see the following script:
  2. The next step, still on Edit HTML replace this code: USD
    simpleCart.currency = USD;
    simpleCart.currency = IDR;

Last save templates, and currency you will turn into rupiah. But keep in mind here, it's just the replacement currency only, can't to do checkout or direct payment via Paypal. Because Paypal have not received as means of payment in Rupiah.

Here I prepare two buttons under the product image on the homepage i.e.
add to cart and view detail, If you don't want to use a shopping cart as a transaction. You can simply change the button add to cart be order and navigate to the order form page direct link you have made, for example like this (example of a form has been created using google docs). If you are using order form for sales transactions, & nbsp; features a shopping cart, remove unused so all script CSS and javascript to shopping cart on this template. Good luck and hopefully useful

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